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Terms & Conditions

  • All certified and or licensed real estate appraisers throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam are welcome to create 1 Free listing per appraisal company per state.  What this means is that two appraisers who work for the same company aren't permitted to create a listing within the same state.  However, appraisers who are legally licensed and or certified to perform appraisals in a secondary or third state are welcome to create a separate Free listing for that state as well. (Please Note: Although you can use the same email address for both states you must choose a different username and password for the 2nd state).   

  • Provisionally licensed appraisers, trainee appraisers or those working under the supervision of another appraiser as required by law aren't permitted to create a listing.   

  • The appraiser acknowledges that he/she is eligible to perform appraisals for federally related transactions.

  • The appraiser agrees to list in only those counties in which he/she covers. 

  • The appraiser agrees to advertise only those services in which he/she actually provides.       

  • Appraisers offering "Comp Checks" as an ancillary service must do so in accordance with USPAP.

  • Contacting appraisers for the purpose of "Value Shopping" is strictly against our use policy.  The appraiser agrees to notify us of such instances as they may arise.

  • Contacting appraisers in our directory for the purpose of selling them something is strictly against our use policy.  The appraiser agrees to notify us of such instances as they may arise.    

  • Listings appearing in all CAPITAL LETTERS are subject to removal without notice.  You are however welcome to capitalize those letters where it is appropriate. 

  • The appraiser acknowledges that US Appraiser Search is a directory service which provides advertising space for appraisers to market their services.  The appraiser also acknowledges that US Appraiser Search makes no guarantees that the appraiser will receive appraisal work as a result of their listing.

  • The appraiser agrees to comply with all subsequent changes to our terms and conditions as such changes are implemented.  

  • The appraiser acknowledges that the position in which his/her Free directory listing will appear isn't guaranteed.  Appraisers will soon be able to increase their exposure by purchasing a directory position for the city in which they are located as well as the counties in which they service.  read more... 

When creating your Free listing be sure to fill in as much information as possible.  While it may take you a few extra minutes to do so it will increase your exposure as the more a prospective client knows about the services you offer the more likely they are to contact you.

We reserve the right to edit those listings where the content is deemed to conflict with our terms and conditions or where we have found the appraisers listing to be misleading.

By creating your Login ID you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as set forth herein.

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